Ben Plotnick is a talented arranger and composer, who is able to tailor arrangements to fit the level and tastes of any group ... and most importantly, Ben is lovely to work with and is always more than willing to re-arrange to fit the situation.”

String Arrangements

  • String Ensemble arrangements & recordings for Pop, Folk, Jazz or Country Records (Violin, Viola & Cello)
  • Session Solo Fiddle, Violin, Viola or Cello parts for Pop, Folk, Jazz or Country Records
  • Custom String Ensemble adaptations of popular songs (for weddings or other events)
  • Transcriptions / Readaptations for different instrumentations
  • Creative parts written for fiddle or classical players of all levels
Ben Plotnick is my go to-arranger for string quartets and viola ensembles. The writing is inventive and tunes/ solos are shared between all the parts, which makes them outstanding for professional gigging or student use. Ben has an unusual talent for string writing.”
Ben is my first choice for a remote fiddle session musician. Recording remotely is not a barrier to his unique ability to add life to my recordings. His string arrangements are beautifully creative and consistently bring the song to the next level of professionalism. ”

Some Examples

In the last year, I have:

  • Recorded remotely and in-studio many times as a session fiddle player for country, folk and pop acts
  • Arranged string quartet charts for producers all across the continent, and recorded the violin, viola, and cello (subcontracted) remotely.
  • Arranged folk and pop tracks for full symphony orchestra.
  • Written 3-part charts for fiddle groups in the bluegrass, swing and folk idioms
  • Arranged popular tunes for string quartets, for use at weddings
  • Re-arranged classic tunes and pieces for different instrumentations and groups (everything from pop tunes to Suzuki pieces)

And many, many more. String needs?
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